Thursday, April 1, 2010

Caller Tunes chat!

every one!
if u desire for a caller tune /ring back tune, u have to pay for the service and for the song u downloaded !
thats quite natural and i did not say any new thing here!
what i wish is, it's good if the network provider charge for the service and the song! but we can xpect more from them and they can provide us with more!......confused  whats that ? continue reading... plz... to know whats that?

Every network provider has a BRAND TUNE for themselves which can be heard every where the add pops up!
but y can't that tune be made as caller tune for it's users for free?
y to charge for it?
if u think every operator is doing the same thing, u are absolutely wrong!

Here i would like to bring out the good work done by RELIANCE ppl here !
it provided to all it's customers with free BRAND SIGNATURE TUNE AS CALLER/RINGBACK tune!
so every time if anybody calls to a RELIANCE NUMBER u can hear the tune !

I hear wanted to mention a little sentimental point i wanted to talk about!
we know ppl are social animals they talk abt things!
they talk abt their network too...
the same way one be proud saying that their operator is better than the other as he provided them with free caller tunes!
this makes the other ppl feel upset sentimentally thinking abt his operator in a bad way though they provide with best service!

But i don't understand y the other operators notice this point and implement it !

Also another point ...
most of us don't know what network other ppl are using as numbers are starting with diff digits now a days!
so if the operators provide with their brand tunes , the ppl who calling them notice the operator which other person might be using!

just a small example: I am a big fan of my teacher (say), i called him, i heard his caller/ringback tune , found his brand network .ill be thinking that my sir/teacher uses that network and i will be shifting to it(that may be better?)

this post is dedicated to the caller tones section!
hope might seeing this post atleast the operators might provide with free brand caller/ringback tunes!

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