Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do You Need Unlimited GPRS ?

It's long time back when different networks raised the tariff wars,Everyone wondered about the reduction in call rates and sms rates! They have also included the most important symbol "*" which indicates that Terms And Conditions Apply.

But now, those Days are Gone!
Now the networks Again raised a Tariff war against what ?
Are they making the calls totally free?
No, it's not about that.
Let me talk straight away about the topic.

Are ppl going to be benefited when  NETWORKS provide UNLIMITED GPRS/EDGE PACKS?
This is what the question,everybody are  struck with...
Even me tooo..

I clearly INDICATE these are my very own personal experiences and not the official.
so here they goes..

1)FIRST of all no one downloads stuff like mp3 or something like which are higher than 3mb  on an ordinary GPRS/EDGE connection.
incase if anyone tried so, it might atleast take 20-30min to download a 4mb song, After u are done you will  fed up with the download speeds on mobile and don't do that again! lol
2)NEXT thing is that the charging on phones don't last long if u wish u continuously BROWSE on a phone using GPRS/EDGE connection.
3)For sure, u'r eyes strain even if u are habituated with your phone , if u try to use the unlimited browsing u avail.
4)Also even if u browse all day all night continuously you cannot browse more than 15Mb per day! and page loading sucks with gprs/edge.
(but page loading time is very less when u use opera mini/opera mobile)
5)And mostly one use mobile internet just for using messengers/email with mail applications/app downloads provided by various services like ANDROID MARKET/OVI STORE and some other private sites, for which 15 mb per day is more than enough!

lol it's impossible to watch a youtube video continuously using EDGE connection! so, what users can do more with unlimited packs?

But whats about the quality of the service that users get, when the networks give away unlimited?

I think we are addicted to something that comes for FREE and neglect the QOS!
and this happens  probably with the word UNLIMITED tooo.....
I don't blame UNLIMITED means they don't provide good service , but please check the service you get like i explain u in a few steps i can.
1)some operators block access to ordinary WAP sites like , where one get free stuff to download,so that if they need to download stuff they have to pay by downloading them only from their wap portal.(to how much extent this is correct?)think once.
2)some operators are now charging even if we browse the networks wap portal.
3)some have very less speeds compared to others while browsing.
4)Note: some says like 10paise/10kb and some with diff rates , if there is a problem with the network's internet service like when you open the browser the gate way of your gprs/edge opens , so even if the page u'r trying to access don't load, you end up paying the amount.
4This is the situation  i experienced with some other network , the gateway to GPRS/EDGE automatically closes itself while browsing and here pops the message

what is the method of programming they will do for deducting the amount ,after one using the service, even GOD doesn't know i guess!

This should be improved much!

some says UNLIMITED * implies
FAIR USAGE policy.
whats this shit?
The ppl working under the companies forgot ENGLISH  or what ?
whats the meaning of unlimited and what for they are putting *?

Inspite of all the TARIFF WARS RAISED , THE NETWORKs are the only winners against customers.

"EVEN if they announce unlimited or restricted packs, they are going to be benefited coz', one cannot use more than what they can (one cannot eat more than what they can actually , whats the use of providing  more then? )

But by seeing the word UNLIMITED we ppl. get attracted towards that!
Doesn't it?
Think for your self once!

Anyways i vote for Unlimited plans too...if they announce unlimited, we will be some what risk free in accessing sites.Thats only our belief, like we take care before something wrong happens! so, those ppl with unlimited plans no need to check for their data usage and use efficiently.

And i say again ,"The above is only restricted to just GPRS/EDGE services and this might not be the case if one provides 3G/3.5G services. 3G/3.5G have greater speeds when compared.
so wait till our country gets those fast services, till then think smart and act and

                                                     KNOW YOUR OPERATOR!

                                          THINK BEFORE YOU ACTIVATE!

HaPpY BroWsInG On pHoNeS!

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