Tuesday, April 6, 2010


ppl how are you? hope everything is going well..
i today just posted this post to speak a few words regarding the blog, as my friend who just visited my blog throwed a comment about the blog and i just now wanted to clarify regarding the same!

i am starting this thinking that you have already read my very first welcome post/message!
so i am starting as of now...
a few quotes b4 the start as usual
like wise success don't come in two or three days!i hope so and continue writing my blog even though one reads this , cares for or not.
there might be atleast one mighty person in this world who reads my blog i believes!
so one day will come when ppl write comments for the blog! hehe lol!

ok coming into the topic,
i just started this blog  just only to share my review/interest  on various services provided and that i have experienced them personally also about the services that needs a change and my ideas on what "will" happen when a service is provided!
this is just the topic/case and the most important clause here , also one of the reason in starting my blog!
also i don't have any official/personal  relationship with any of the TECNHO-ppl /companies so as to provide with the most up to date latest technical leaks of specifications or any other material for what you might be searching for!
i built this "BLOG" just to serve as a platform for "MYTELECOMIDEAS"! if implemented in india would be useful and provide wonderful services !
also as far as i know i would present this BLOG in this kind as first of it's own kind! is'nt it?
there may be many geeky,technical sites which go on updating the latest technical leaks from this world, but this is not one from them or one among them!
the idea behind this is entirely different,this blog deals with  very small ideas/services which no one takes care of , but are the mail roles played today or will be played tomorrow if properly understood!

"IF ANYONE JUST VISITED THIS BLOG THINKING THAT THIS PROVIDED'S WITH LATEST INFORMATION ON RELEASE DATES AND CURRENT TECHNICAL  LEAKED AFFAIRS PLZ DON'T waste your time reading this blog! there are a few wonderful geeky sites i have mentioned in the BLOG roll for you ppl! chk them out!
anyways thanks for spending your time the day u read this post!
have a nice day!

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