Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAP 'O' NETWORK...........

Ever used MAPS on Your Mobile using Ovi-maps/wisepilot/google maps ?
This is not something related to maps of places or something  like that!
Sounds funny?
Lets get into the matter straight away..

Ever wanted to know if the sim/number  u'r planning to buy  has/provided network in your area?
Might be it's not the case with you, but  some geeks would like to know before buying a sim!

In previous days, when there are only few networks and a little competition there used to be no such facility available for ! Only some of the NETWORK officials might be knowing the tower positions with  their data base!
Might be the places in cities and major places doesn't require a network check up before buying a sim!
But for some places,that are little developed or villages,these places don't have required network of all the networks!
These ppl don't know abt the availability of the network , buy the sim and ends up with no network finally !
A Hole to one's pocket!
(if u say where in villages will have internet and  computers i suggest the sim vendors to check the same and supply to the users)

NOW I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE RELIANCE AND UNINOR for their great work and effort in providing this facility!

yes,RELIANCE and UNINOR are proving a map of network which includes the place, where a tower is positioned with the help of google maps.

Going ahead each operator are providing
options which are very easy in accessing.
cool you to can check them out by accessing their websites!
Going Ahead RELIANCE provides the population covered in that area too...


But i was disappointed to know that the other top most operators are not providing such facility to their users!Hope by seeing this atleas,t those operators would love to introduce this facility and bring it out in the form of advertisements, instead sticking them to their sites!

so now u have every opportunity to have a look at the signal in ur area! njoy geeks!

These might not be a straight forward suggestions to the operators but my sincere suggestion to them!
1)The operators which already provided the above facility should also provide the information on a click on that particular tower about the radius of the coverage of that particular tower/ the signal area covered by that tower.
(coz i personally experienced the same problem, there is a tower in our area, but the signal is not reaching us!)
so the problem cannot be diagnosed even by the network officials for may months!
so if they provide with that information also it will be handy in calculating the distance from the tower and to the user's place so that it gives more comfort to the user as well as to the network provider.
for this they need not work hard i think, they just need to put out the information of a tower ,they already have with them, (if they know the signal strength of some specific towers, thats it , they can include the same information to all those kind of towers) in the map!

This is all about "MAP 'O' NETWORK !
well thanks for reading patiently!

GoOd nEtWoRkIng!

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