Friday, April 2, 2010

MMS Chat ! (MultiMedia Messaging Service)

MMS is the next generation messaging service which requires GPRS , EDGE or a 3G enabled mobile!
using MMS we can send picture messages,ring tones,animations,video clips(limited length) to only some networks directly to mobile.
(remember i used only some networks not all networks)
MMS can only be sent to particular networks or to all networks if the network provider provides the facility!

Whats the cost of MMS in INDIA?
Generally each MMS costs you 3Rs/- with some networks and 5Rs/- with some other networks!
Don't know y the difference in cost for MMS occurs? when providing the same facility!
But i guess those who cost more enables you to sent mms to any mobile irrespective of operator?
If u think so, u'r wrong!
Did u hear the slogan
s it is IDEA is providing mms to any network even STD mms, i have tried @ just 3Rs/- per MMS!
It gets delivered with in seconds or a min depending on the other persons network tooo..!

Even the old method sms, is being promoted by the networks but y not the MMS facility is being promoted with the latest schemes?
And I guess that answer should come from the operators it self!

This is not for i have raised the topic there is something NEW i wanna talk about!
Lets come to the users who USE MMS facility!
when ever an occasion comes we wish to send greetings to our loved one's through expressions , it may be in the form of mms or picture messages!but we don't have the particular message/mms in handy with us!
First of all i thank IDEA &  AIRTEL for the facility provided!
when ever a festival or any spl day comes these ppl send us mms of that particular occasion the day before the spl day ,so that we can forward to our loved ones!

cool na..... ?
isn't it?

I really  say, this type of facilities really gonna develop an emotional relation ship with the network! i have seen many ppl talking in this regard!

My suggestion to operators :
i suggest you to open a spl portal or even number like 54321 or something like that so that
when we message like
MMS NEW YEAR to 54321 (toll free) we get inturn spl mms with the related so that we can forward to our friends/relatives. i swear this gonna definitely work out to be some thing like spl, also it develops a emotional relation with the network.(AIRTEL ALREADY IMPLEMENTED BUT NOT ATTRACTIVE OPTIONS)
also this leaves out a benefit to the network provider as we forward MMS to our friends/relatives for which they cost!
the more we forward the more they hang out with advantage!
this gonna definitely work out!
Happy MMSing!



    you can subscribe to sms alerts for free once you have a google account!

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