Monday, April 5, 2010

Mobile Number Portability! MNP

It’s going on delaying? It’s rather important or unimportant?
That it refers to “MNP” (Mobile Number Portability).
It’s from quite long time we are hearing this word but not yet implemented.
I would like to discuss how far this is going to make a strike in the INDIAN Telecom Market.
There are 3 sets of people who use mobile in the INDIAN market.
1) Students (youth) 2) business people 3) common regular users (including women )
Let’s talk regarding the Business people .who are they?
Again there are two sets of Business people .
1) High end business who cannot live without mobile
2) These do business, and don’t use a high end mobile, but mail is a little less important than those discussed above.
Let us come into the topic.
High end business pp.!
These are the people who are using high end mobiles especially like Blackberry,Nokia  E series, especially for E-mail purpose. And considering them most of these users do not want to change their numbers as well as networks, as these may or may not be satisfied with the services provided , they don’t have enough time to enquire about changing networks and all those, so let us leave this portion of people as a small ratio in TELECOM SECTOR.
And coming to the next set of business people
These are the people who do business but have a little access with mailing service.
Let’s leave the mails aside. There are ppl who depend mostly on post-paid services but are not satisfied with the services and are also not in a position to change their numbers. These are waiting for the right opportunity to get their work on....
Next coming to the common regular users: these may include normal people like aged, other employed or unemployed people including house wives. For these people, let us think of a quote
They use mobile particularly while travelling, mostly for incoming and often calls, these set of people will also be not interested to change their numbers and networks! These are using mobiles just to talk and know only how to call or receive a call! May be some geeks too present in this set of people! So it’s also most unlikely that this people will be interested in MNP.
NEXT coming last but not least
“YOUTH especially the STUDENTS and some other MOST Geeky PEOPLE on this earth in INDIA “
Use mobiles for many purposes, some of them include calling, sms, MMS, internet, some even for NUMBER PASSION! (Fancy numbers like 223344, 445566... etc,).
As per us the mindset of these people will be go on changing, which is not stable, so they tend to make a change in their network for some or the other reasons.
Some reasons include
1) Most of their friends are on other network!
2) Other network might provide them with free sms, caller tunes, cheaper internet, cheaper FNF!
3) Some even change their NO just because A MUCH MORE FANCY NUMBER IS AVAILABLE ON OTHER NETWORK!
Considering all these factors these are the people who are much interested in changing their number s networks.

But coming to the situation here, now with telecom sector
Our TELECOM AUTHORITY OF INDIA has come up with some complicated issues regarding the change in number with network.
Some include payment of Rs19/- for change in number every time. A grace period before and after change in network and a commitment period of minimum 3 months after change in network and little other complications.
To basic people and business people it’s quite not possible to find out all the stuff and change their networks even it is of minimum fees for the service.
And the youth will be interested in changing their numbers and networks as they keep on updating contacts with their friends with the sms offers available.
(For Ex: They sms friends like: this is my new number and will be available @ this number from now onwards. Hope u update ur contacts! “And they forward it to the entire friends list in their contacts, which is not possible with business people and common man!)
And coming to the network competition as of now each and every network is trying to provide service with the maximum of their efforts! So most probably at that time all the networks will be providing cheapest tariff and schemes and when sharing of infrastructure(towers)  comes into action, one has no need to change their number or network!(might be a case).A
1) It is for those people where in situation they take numbers urgently but found no signal in their area, despite of repeated complaints they get no signal but don’t want to change their number .for these set of people MNP helps a lot.
2)And another set include people whose family uses only one network but this one trials to do new and fails , so shift to the same network and have the benefit of FNF OFFERS between the same network .
3)And a certain group of people particularly in companies , where group of people depend on one network and the newly joined ones needed to be changed to the same network for group benefits , without changing their number !
SO in my opinion MNP is useful only to certain extent but not on the utmost!
Anyways let’s Hope MNP is implemented in INDIA soon , and the networks compete together to provide with new and best services, Despite concentrating on the little useful MNP i hope TELECOM AUTHORITY INDIA ,.takes concentration on  other services like 4G , though  we are lacking 3G (when other countries started providing 4G) and other customer satisfaction services,
 giving the mobile users the best experience!

anyways what goes on it goes on and on...........
wish for the best!

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