Sunday, April 4, 2010

SMS chat!

In my previous post you can find operators like airtel and idea sending mms to it's users to forward them on their interest ,based on the particular occasion.
in this post u'll know what operators in the same way are promoting greetings through SMS on spl days!
ok leaving the high end mms capable phones while including ordinary phones and high end phones this feature is must in every mobile and we use this one time or the other!
we often send sms greetings to our loved one's on any festival days or something like that but, find in vein difficult to find those message oriented greetings!
Don't worry,. If u are with any of the service  provider below they will send you beautiful greetings in sms format to help u serve better for the above purpose!
4)BSNL (rarely)
i have a vodafone No.,but nev'h seen it greeting me the same way as the above did!
well wish in future it does do...........!

these are the main operators who greet us before the festival days through their spl sms , also this serves for us as a forward message , so that we can forward them!
the main reason behind sending these to it's users is just to make them forward to their loves(and non-officially to gain money on those days).
we will be tempted usually by seeing those messages to forward them to any one!and thus their intention to do so  will be a success!
also one develops a emotional relation to their operator for the CARE they show towards it's users as discussed in the previous post!

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