Monday, April 12, 2010

Tata DOCOMO launches My Song - Hear the song of your choice when you call

Why select your favorite song as your caller tune and never have the chance to hear it? Wouldn’t you rather listen to the caller tune of your choice every time you call your friends?  It’s time for you to DO the New every time you make a call. Dance to your own tunes with first in the Industry, ‘My Song’ service from Tata DOCOMO.
This unique VAS service, introduced for the first time in the country, is a reverse ring-back tone facility, wherein the caller gets to hear the tune that he sets for himself, instead of listening to the conventional tring-tring, or caller tunes set by the called party.  Tata DOCOMO post-paid and pre-paid mobile subscribers can now dial 543217 and choose a song of their choice across different genres/categories such as Bollywood Hits, Regional, International, Classical etc. Thereafter every time you make a call, you will get to listen to the chosen song rather than being forced to hear what others have chosen.
You can set a maximum of up to three different songs for three different mobile numbers. Songs downloaded will be your personal selection and will be played in a shuffle.
 So why pay for songs you can’t hear? Why listen to songs that you do not like and be subjected to torture while waiting for a call to be answered?  With Tata DOCOMO’s innovative My Song’, hear “Your Song” every time you call!

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