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Network Failure......

Yes, network problems and failure...
This is the major problem faced now-a-days even by the most popular operators and with world class network architecture's.
Y are they becoming a failure?
Y can't the failure identification  process be open to the customers?
Y don't they respond quickly when a customer complains about NO SERVICE in their area?
Y  can't they provide network even in remote places , when satellite technology is available round the globe?
Are there answers for these?
Even me too don't know.
But i would like to express my VIEWS and IDEAS regarding the same.
(They may be positive or negative)

On this occasion i would like to bring out a few of the network problems i faced in my area.
may be some of you also might be facing the same problem or just threw away the sim and bought a new operator!

Yes, it was a developed area, though comes under rural area due to village officials pressure to keep it so.
There is only one network in the beginning.
slowly there came about 3 networks which developed strongly and people started using those 3 networks now, but it gave a rich business to the people who installed a tower first. it is none other than HUTCH is now VODAFONE IN ! hats off for recognizing the place and installing a tower.
About 1000 sims sold out on the very first day, when there is news that a tower of VODAFONE  in installed other than the government owned network BSNL, which is already present!
Later AIRTEL , IDEA had their eye over the place.
Good news for the people living there.
But till now the remaining operators don't know the place, seems funny even after 5 years other operators installed their towers! i'm sorry for that..
the story is over..
i'm straight away coming into the topic now..

There are many new operators now and as they are new let them have their own time.ok
 See every body is in need of a mobile now a days and as the word CELL itself indicates, cells are a part of our body and so a cell is. isn't it?
Nobody buys a sim which has no network in their area,Calls the care and waits till the network people respond and use the number after the network Dept installs a tower in their area.
And this is too good to be true.

Now let me talk about the experience i had with a NETWORK LESS ,network people.
As there is no network i cannot call the care so i choose email as the best communication method.
I searched their website for the complain button ,finally found out and mailed them regarding the same.
But the problem is  "send the problem to team" after typing the complaint option is not working so i failed many times, after that i found out the mail address and manually complained them regarding the network as well as about the faulty website for which they corrected the website soon but the network cannot be corrected to a good extent till now.
They asked the details like area, address, handset model and every thing related and gave me a date for resolution .But i know that the date is just for name sake. so i did n't keep hopes on that . i gave about 15 complaints from 15 different people i know in my area who are facing same problem but the response every time is same. Finally they came and installed a tower at a place which is at moderate distance from my place , though one or two points of signal is caught by the mobile,


too good to be in advertisements only!

By this one story of a network is over...

And this is about another new operator!

Ahem Ahem ... there is no network at all from the very first day!
waited 2 months .
complained about the same .
They asked the same details as the above operator did.
They said with in a week we are installing a tower.
2 months over .
again complained the same.
again asked the details they asked first time.
I was FED up with the response and stopped contacting the care because i was

BUT suddenly one day full signal of that operator...
hahahaha it was one of the most memorable day for me !i still remember
APRIL 14 as the day coz its AMBEDKAR JAYANTHI!holiday for me.
But that happiness  did not last long! A 4 DAY EVENT OR FESTIVAL.
Again after that, as it is no signal, nothing!
I again complained the same, including the date too..
They gave a resolution date too this time.will see what happens .
A person called that day asked me about the area details and said we will check it out!i'm happy, but no resolution date nothing happened even after that !
I'm still facing the same problem .

Y don't These people respond fastly to the problems?
And if there is no network at all i wouldn't have bothered at all , but they gave full signal for 4 days and now left abandoned ? whats the reason?

And this story tooo over , now the last operator. hehe!
one funny thing is that there is not even one signal bar on my handset when i placed the sim in my phone!
What do you say?
Y don't the people who come and post banners care about the network in that area?
They know "that particular area requires banners but not network?
Y banners when no network?
This is worst of all.
Even the previous networks who have great network did not boast,Y the operators  who  don't have networks  boast with banners?
I don't understand?
In the same way i complained to the care through mail
They are quick in responding through mail.
Love their style of care through mail!
Atlast i gave up with all the DUMB operators who don't have networks!
Let their FATE change them!who care for them !

1)Y don't the network people put a map of their network as i discussed in my previous post "MAP O NETWORK"?
2)Y don't the complain process be open to the customers?
This being totally private the customers don't know whether they are really working on improving their network.
For example: A space on their website stating in what area their people are working for installing a tower and whats the status of the work , till now what are the places they received complaints and till what extent they covered them , all should be placed on their website.
so that the people who sees them can atleast know if their area which has no network is in black list to install a tower so that they can definitely buy a sim.

But the network people are not much cared in providing these type of services than advertising. 

3)And one thing the new operators are doing mistake is they are having their tie-ups with a network which is  also a recent one, so they both don't have network and it will become a fail .
4)Y don't the network dept officials take care in providing a good network
There is a slogan in one language

what do you say?

HopE By sEeInG ThIs aTlEaSt some  nEtWoRk oPeRAtOrS ImPlEmEnT some of the ideas!

comments are welcomed!
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