Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nil or -ve Balance ? Don't worry BSNL customers u have a way even then too...

This might be a good news to all the people who sticked to the government owned telecom service BSNL.
yes, those people who are with BSNL can enjoy calls even they have Nil balance or -Ve balance.Just try it once if u n't tried till now.
I have seen many Networks who disconnects the calls when the balance comes below a local call rate,
Which is truly worst to think about the service they provide.Can't they just limit to some -ve balance on the customer  who relied on them with belief.
Suppose just think of a situation, when a customer is on emergency of life and while is talking with another person the call disconnects due to nil balance  how bad it will be?

The network people don't ever imagine such situations.They need only  business with customer not a relation.
But some people quote for their customer care's as
RELATIONSHIP CENTRE. which they don't follow.

But BSNL is something different from all the others as far as i am experienced.
There may be factors that network dept takes into consideration to provide service in case of nil balance or -ve balance but BSNL provides it.

1)U can make a call even if your balance is below calling limit.
Perfectly cannot tell the limit is till Rs 10 i think.
but one thing is that u cannot send sms, u can only call.
2)U'r call continues even if ur balance gets low while you are on a call.
3)U can make a call even if u have -ve balance.

But the -ve balance will be compensated in next recharge.
Thats keeping the brand icon naming Government owned.

Y cannot other operators do this for their customers?
Instead they annoy with dirty messages and low balance alerts once when the balance of customer reaches below certain limit as per their rules.
Y cannot they provide with such services?

Previously one network provided with 10 Rs chota instant recharge service who don't have balance .
But i tried with 20 different numbers of that network. I got a message u'r not eligible for the request.
i have 4 years network age on that network, even me cannot do that instant sms recharge.
Then who is eligible for that ?
Only for name sake?
anyways i finish my post by just saying thanks to BSNL for the care towards customers.

HaPpy nIl /-vE cAlLiNg oN BsNl.

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