Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review of NOKIA N900 and NOKIA 6760-slide coming soon!

As promised earlier that phones will be reviewed in my very own style.
It's now time for me to come up with the quality reviews of NOKIA N900 (self owned) and NOKIA 6760-slide models soon.
i promise these reviews are not copied from any of the reviewing blogs/sites or any other but are evolved from my very own experiences and usage methods.
i took time to come up because i have to be adjusted to the new styles and design along with the software of those phones to give out the best of the true.

Pictures of NOKIA-6760-slide(SYMBIAN PLATFORM)

                                FULLY OPENED (LANDSCAPE MODE)



                                   ON CALL SCREEN STATUS

                                            CONTACT DETAILS (LIST)


                            CHAT SCREEN WINDOW

                                  MULTI-TASKING DASH BOARD

First of all i need to thank the GOOD PEOPLE AT WOMWORLD NOKIA   for accepting my request and allowing me to trial their mobile(6760-slide).Its a wonderful opportunity given by those people to geeks!
Thanks once again.
And next coming for the self owned N900, i thank NokiaFire-Fox as well as the Good people at Wieden+Kennedy who always state that their website will never be the same everyday!

*The Data sheets of these mobiles will be provided in the next post as this post became little big.
** Pictures/images of mobiles are collected from various sources and not self taken.
**Original pictures self taken  will  be posted at the time of posting the review.                                                                                                                                

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