Sunday, June 20, 2010

Online Recharge - Freedom Of Recharge!

Hello, Hi ! Is u'r Balance full or Nil?
What's Your situation ?
Have a computer with internet facility at Home?

Gone are the days of recharging your mobile by buying a Recharge voucher.
Gone are the days of recharging your mobile by doing an E-Recharge/Easy-Recharge.
But these are the days where one can recharge sitting at home through a special portal using Debit/Credit/Internet Banking or any other facilities available!

But now i don't want to blah blah all those stuff in this post.
I just wanted to bring out the fact what actually going on with ONLINE RECHARGE facility.
I promise i'll explain in a very simple steps whats going on with these..

1)First of all i would like to mention that these portals are not updated ready to ready as soon as new schemes are made available to customers.
2)Also all the recharge amounts available through E-Recharge facility are not made available through online recharge portals.
3)The Talk Time for schemes vary with online recharge portal when compared to E-Recharge facility.
4)Special Top ups are also not made available through online recharge facility.

Coming to the examples,
Here are a few examples comparing different networks.
Let us consider XXXX network,
If u do a e-recharge of 125Rs through E-Recharge as mentioned in the offer message u'll get FULL TALK TIME of 125Rs.
But this recharge option is not at all available in any online recharge portals, even in XXXX one's.
Also some schemes valid only for a few days , these schemes are not even known to the people who are dealing with E-Recharge facility(Dealers/Retailers).
These recharges are available only through E-Recharge facility but not through vouchers or online recharge facility.
Some times suddenly an sms pops up in your mobile Recharge with 222 and get Full TT, offer valid only for today!
S, even if u intent to do an online recharge, this is not available,Even it is available u'll not get full TT offer ,but the situation ends up with the old recharge amount with out that special Full TT.
There ends the enthusiasm in you and avoids the online recharge facility.
Like wise some people go to the shop and ask for an E-Recharge of 222 which gives full TT, but that person may not be updated with the offer and ends saying there is no offer like so,and you come home feeling bad!

This is the situation i see in my friends shop where recharge is available.

This is not only the situation with one network/company but with the entire networks .
The offers are not constant and so are the recharge amounts.

As Far as i know the Recharge Vouchers of special schemes/Tariffs came to an end some 3 years back, while 1 company stopped 1p sms  scheme ,suddenly while the other company helplessly printed the Recharge Vouchers of same scheme and released into the market which are available for around 2 months even after the sms schemes changed a lot.
This started a struggle between the Networks  between Printing of vouchers and releasing them into markets.
And hence today we ended up with the E-Recharges!
The Retailers himself  gets bore Recharging getting confused with different schemes which are changing daily and are shouting at customers when they are asking twice for any scheme/Recharge.
I am  a very own witness for this.

Also now some networks are following different trends in Recharging.
One way that came recently is sms recharging.
If u have amount in your main balance and the recharge scheme that u receive is smaller than that u'r amount balance  has then u can easily recharge through an sms.
If you are of a don't care person then skip this section.
But this makes loss only to the customer when compared on the whole.
Let me xplain,
Suppose if u recharge with 50 u'll get a TT of 42. i say suppose/approximate.
i'm not considering real life recharge amount.
But there comes an sms to your mobile stating recharge with 50 and get 3 days unlimited internet. To subscribe enter *#123*343 and press call.U'll be automatically recharged.
This brings an entire customer ease in recharging but also some loss to the customer.
Thinking how it is ?
Okay here comes the explanation,
If u recharge with 50 u'll get 42 TT, including the service tax and all those.
But the same amount if u use for recharging through sms for getting 3 days unlimited internet u should need 50Rs TT in your main balance, For that 50 rs TT you should recharge with some 50+20 xtra for getting TT more than 50 u'r balance should have to use the service.
see the amount u'r spending here.
Suppose the same if u made an E-recharge of 50 there ends the matter, finish.
Finally i conclude here also the customer directly or indirectly is the looser.

So, people i request you to think before you made an SMS recharge.

Also the schemes are varying day to day suppose today the voucher 19 gives u TT, tomorrow it may become an SMS scheme.
So, Be wise before you recharge.
So, as usually i conclude here with ..

1)The online recharge portal should be in synchronization with the latest offers available/the latest schemes sent to the customers sent via sms.
2)Also it should not be something like the particular amounts, but should leave to the decision of the customer in choosing the amounts.
3)Even special top ups should be made available through online recharge portals.
4)There should not be any difference in the amounts credited when recharged through E-recharge or online portal.
Recharge with 111 get 222 TT-E-Recharge
Recharge with 111 get 222 TT -online recharge.

This should be considered first , i notice these are special schemes and also should be made available through all the facilities same.

5)Now a days even 5 Rs top ups are also available, i request operators to provide these too through online recharges.
6)Last but not least every operator should have their very own online recharge facility available through their site.

You might be thinking who are using online recharge ?
S, might not be knowing, people consider different different factors of ease and use and use the facilities available.
Once, the ONLINE RECHARGE facility is made as same an any other E-Recharge facility then people will show interest to use this facility and will become a hit.

Not only these i would also bring out certain uses for the people who do online recharge by sitting at their work place:
1)Time saving, going to retailer and bugging up with him
2)Fast and easy access
3)Saves paper for vouchers

The uses may be less, but its impact is more on the work people.

Not only providing facilities the NETWORK Dept, also should take care to avoid over/less recharging amounts than the inputted ones and  also taking into consideration customer number/ amount confirmation .
Also they should provide facility to revert the amount back in case of wrong recharges when  instantly noticed.

ACCORDING to my satisfactory results, I rate the online recharge portals of different networks in this way:






sorry folks i have not tried Reliance till now, as far as i know it is not providing facility for online recharge.
Uninor and all those new entrances have not yet settled properly in providing those facilities i guess!

NjOy tHe LaTeSt sErViCeS,
Happy online recharging--------->

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It pays to play fair!

The trophy cabinet at Tata DOCOMO has seen another prestigious addition. Tata DOCOMO won the Telecom Asia Award for the Best Emerging Markets Carrier, a category that honours the best-performed fixed or wireless carriers.
As Asia's most prestigious awards program, the independent and performance-based Telecom Asia Awards recognize operators for their accomplishments amongst industry peers. Winners in the 12 categories were chosen from more than 100 fixed, mobile and convergence telecom operators from around the region.
The most important factor that contributed to making Tata Docomo such a huge success is its single-minded focus on core values of honesty, transparency and consumer relevant innovations. Tata DOCOMO’s ‘Pay Per Use’ paradigm led to a tectonic shift in the market and shaped the third inflexion point in the Indian Telecom industry. Tata Docomo has continued to liberate consumers from the shackles of tariff bondage by offering innovative new products such as ‘Daily Plans’ that do not lock consumers in monthly tariff packs.
Tata Docomo with its innovative and fair business approach has gained immense popularity amongst mobile users in India.  Tata Docomo grew its new subscriber base from launch to over 35 million subscribers in less than one year and achieved the number-one operator * ranking in terms of net adds for six consecutive months.   
Deservingly therefore, Tata Docomo is being recognized internationally for its innovative and fair business paradigm and for changing the landscape of Indian telecom industry.
To know more about our Award visit -
Find us on:

* Source: TRAI

TataDoCoMo Turned 1Year Today! TDturns1

First of all my #dailyplan is very unique and Different!
But today i'm singing the B'Day song just in #seconds and i don't want to waste minutes uselessly!
Next is, i wanna call all My #Buddynet members and tell them not to talk when they can #dietalk and tweet/sms their wishes to our 1year Old TataDoCoMo!
If TATADOCOMO did  not like our wishes/songs i'll ask TD to activate #Hearwhatuwant, so that it can listen to B'Day songs what TD likes!
Also if My Buddies Balance becomes less showering their wishes to our baby,  i'll instruct them so that they can #recharge #online!
Lastly i wear my favorite logo of TataDoCoMo and shout out Happy B'Day!

If i can make the world just Do something i'll first tell every1 to shout TDturns1 today!
Till now no Network has done wonders as TataDocomo did! Do you know this truth ?

Let us have a glance at them!

Pay exactly on what you use!
Means, they counted only on seconds while other operators  tried to imitate them!
And now even the TRAI ordered other operators to DO so!
They came with a revolutionary tariff for the first time in the WORLD!
Even roaming is counted on sec basis!
(You'r mobile operator doesn't know how to count?)

Pay only for the characters!
haha ! Another revolutionary service exclusive from @tatadocomo !
just for message freaks!
Y to pay for characters in messages which we do not use?
Isn't it?
Pay only for characters you send !
For this they developed a special Application to run on mobile devices so that it becomes easy to #Dietalk!

S, This is another revolutionary Tariff war Tatadocomo raised against other operators!
It came with a caption !
Today isn't Yesterday !
Then y Yesterday's Plan today?
New Day!
New Plan!

These daily plans included
1)Talk more plans
2)Night calling plans
3)World calling plans
4)Sms plans

Customer depending upon their needs can  change their daily plan , any number of times to any daily plan!
All they have to Do is to just Dial *141#
The remaining work is guided by the menu received!

4)CREATE #Buddynet
Yes, Buddies Buddies all around every where!
Then y others?
Yes, the same concept used here!
People who are using Buddynet can use this service free for the first 3 months, later charges apply!
Buddynet benefits as followed!
4)Chat.......... Endlessly
5)1P/6sec Tata-Tata local
6)1P/2sec Tata-Tata STD
7)Share talk time
8)Gift sms to your buddies!
9)Enjoy free access to all social networks!

My Song-Hear The Song Of your choice when you call!
Yes, a reverse gear for caller tune service!
First time introduced by @tatadocomo
Why select your favorite song as your caller tune and never have the chance to hear it? Wouldn’t you rather listen to the caller tune of your choice every time you call your friends?  It’s time for you to DO the New every time you make a call. Dance to your own tunes with first in the Industry, ‘My Song’ service from Tata DOCOMO.

S, you can recharge online your Pre-Paid account using Your credit,Debit or Internet Banking Account!
Recharge is faster and easier than ever before. All you have to do is enter your number, select Recharge type and choose amount and your recharge would be done instantly.
The recharge options include
2)Special Recharge

I wonder This page will not be enough to Write about the new things done by @tatadocomo!

Till now no body in the Telecom History revealed Their B'day or even a launch day officialy as TD did!
Again a new Do!
Now i made it clear that for the first time in the INDIAN  TELECOM history TD is celebrating B'day!
This again made it clear that TD with that caption is APT!
Not only  in Telecom service  but also TD did wonders in conducting contests online through Twitter,FaceBook,Orkut!

These contests include
3)#DO #Create-included music,animation,wallpapers,merchandise,photography, etc.! 
4)#DO year
And whats  not every thing to a maximum extent !

This is the first Telecom Network in India  to Use the Social media to a Maximum extent.
It also Interacted with customers online through these Social services solving their problems related to their services, 
so that the respective official gets into the procedure quickly!

What ever the service it introduced everything holds a special caption, aim and procedure to involve!

Every time when i hear Docomo saying "DO THE NEW"
I say to my self "i already did the new joining the Docomo family,
what more new i should Do?"

Not only these, It also won an award recently in TELECOM ASIA AWARDS 2010! for "Its Fairness to customers"

Now its time to windup myself saying "ALL THE BEST " to my dear TD as TDturns1 ! 
We are waiting more eagerly as days pass by to hear some more new things "DO THE NEW" from @tatadocomo !

Hats off!
Good going!
Keep rocking!
Best wishes,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Basic Terminology Every Mobile user should know !

Do you know all the terminology used in telecommunications and mobiles?
If the answer is yes ! congrats you are a real geek! else
 No problem, i gathered some useful  basic terms/terminology  for your awareness ! 
so, have a glance at all the terms below!

In mobile telephony, second-generation protocols use digital encoding and include GSM, D-AMPS (TDMA) and CDMA. 2G networks are in current use around the world. These protocols support high bit rate voice and limited data communications. They offer auxiliary services such as data, fax and SMS. Most 2G protocols offer different levels of encryption and are within the 880-915 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1710-1785 MHz or 1805-1880 MHz bands.
In mobile telephony, third-generation protocols support much higher data rates, measured in Mbps, intended for applications other than voice. 3G supports bandwidth-hungry applications such as full-motion video, video-conferencing and full Internet access. 3G networks must be able to transmit wireless data at 144 kilobits per second at mobile user speeds, 384 KBPS at pedestrian user speeds and 2 megabits per second in fixed locations.
A2DP Profile
Advanced Audio Distribution profile is a specification for how two Bluetooth devices can transmit and receive high-quality audio streams. A2DP allows for the transfer of a uni-directional 2-channel stereo audio stream, like music from a mobile phone, to a headset.

Information can be transferred and exchanged between mobile devices by means of an infrared beam. Other technologies such as Bluetooth use the term "beam" to mean exchange information.
Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that facilitates data transfer between devices (for example mobile phone and a wireless headset). Typically the maximum distance between the bluetooth devices is limited to around 10 meters.
Digital Certificate
An encrypted code issued to two or more parties by a certification authority, and used to verify these parties' identities through the exchange of their public keys.
Digital Compass
The Digital Compass can detect which direction your device is pointing in. This information can then be used alongside mapping software to help you navigate in unknown locations.
Digital Signature
A digital signature provides verification to the recipient that the file came from the person who sent it, and it has not been altered since it was signed.
Direct Push Technology
Direct Push technology (push e-mail feature), developed by Microsoft, enables you to receive new e-mails on your device as soon as they arrive in your Inbox on the Exchange Server. Items such as contacts, calendar and tasks are also immediately updated onto your device when these items have been changed or new entries have been added on the Exchange Server.
Domain Name
A domain name is a unique name that identifies a server on the Internet or on a local network. For example, your company's email server may have the domain name "".
Dual-band refers to a device's capability to communicate over 2 frequency bands.
Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution is a radio interface technology that enhances Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) networks with the capacity to rival third-generation (3G) cellular networks. EDGE networks are often referred to as 2.75G networks.
The process of systematically encoding a bit stream before transmission so that an unauthorized party cannot decipher it.
The G-sensor detects the position and motion of your device. This helps orient the display to either vertical or horizontal view based on how you are holding your device. The G-sensor can also be used in games as a type of controlling action and other applications which require motion as an input.
General Packet Radio Systems is a data service for mobile devices. It is available for use with devices that comply with the GSM standard.
Global Positioning System is a satellite-based radio navigation system that consists of three segments - the satellite constellation, ground control network, and user equipment. People use GPS on their mobile devices for navigation software applications.
Short for Global System for Mobile communications, it is the most widely used mobile phone platform in the world.
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access is a mobile telephone technology that improves the download bandwidth utilization of 3G networks. Networks that utilize the HSDPA technology are often referred to as 3.5G due to the greatly improved download speeds.
High-Speed Packet Access is a mobile telephone technology that improves the speed at which you can send and receive information on your mobile device. HSPA technology is utilized on 3G networks.
High-Speed Uplink Packet Access is a mobile telephone technology that improves the upload bandwidth utilization of 3G networks. Networks that utilize the HSUPA along with HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology are often referred to as 3.5G due to the greatly improved speeds.
Half-size Video Graphics Array refers to the display resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.
Internet Protocol is a communication protocol using packet-switching technique to transmit data over the Internet.
Internet Message Access Protocol is an e-mail message retrieval protocol. It enables efficient operation such as downloading only essential data by first retrieving the e-mail header prior to actual e-mail download.
A standard for removable flash memory card used in cell phones and other handheld devices. microSD cards are 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm or about the size of a fingernail.
Multimedia Message Service is a method of transmitting messages that contain graphics, video clips, sound files, and text over wireless networks.
A podcast is a type of Internet publication for Audio or Video media. Podcasts are typicallly released in episodes. If you subscribe to a certain podcast then you will receive new audio or video episodes as soon as they are published.
Post Office Protocol version 3 is an e-mail from a remote server over an Internet connection.
Quad-band refers to a devices's capability to communicate over 4 frequency bands.
A communication protocol which standardizes certain types of information sent via FM radio broadcasts.
Really Simple Syndication refers to a web protocol used to distribute frequently updated information, for example a web blog, audio or video broadcast, or news headlines. Internet users can subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can get up to date information on their mobile device or home computer.
Subscriber Identity Module is a small, programmable smart card containing a cellular service subscriber's identity key. The SIM contains codes to identify a subscriber to a digital mobile service and the details of the special services the subscriber has elected to use. The SIM may be fixed within the phone, or removable (enabling users to swap phones without changing their subscriptions). The SIM is the key to security on Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks.
Short Message Service, also referred to as "text messaging", is a way for mobile devices to send and receive short text messages.
Streaming refers to digital audio or video transmissions via the Internet. The sound and image data are sent as a data stream to the subscriber, hence the term "streaming". The key advantage of streaming is that users can view or listen to the media as it is received without waiting for the download to complete.
Synchronization refers to the updating of a single set of data in two locations. Changes to information are copied back and forth so that both locations, for example your phone and your desktop computer, have identical information.
A technology developed by HTC which allows you to interact with and control your device simply by using finger gestures.
TouchFLO 3D
A technology developed by HTC which adds 3D visuals to the functionality of interacting and controlling your device by using finger gestures.
Tri-band refers to a device's capability to communicate over 3 frequency bands.

Universal Subscriber Identity Module is an enhancement of the subscriber identity module (SIM) card used in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks. The USIM is designed to be used in third-generation (3G) networks. It is inserted into a 3G-compliant mobile phone to provide network authentication and additional functions.
Video Graphics Array refers to the display resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is a protocol for transmitting data in a  3G cellular network.
Short for 'wireless fidelity' is a term for certain types of wireless local area networks (WLAN) that use specifications conforming to IEEE 802.11 technologies. Many airports, hotels, and other services offer public access to Wi-Fi networks so people can log onto the Internet and receive emails on the move. These locations are known as hotspots.
Windows Mobile
An operating system, along with some basic applications, created by Microsoft for mobile phones and other handheld devices. Cellphones use two varieties of the Windows Mobile platform: Windows Mobile Professional is used on cellphones that have a touch sensitive screen; Windows Mobile Standard is used on cellphones that do not a touch sensitive screen.
Wide Video Graphics Array refers to the display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System is a cell phone network platform. It is one of the 3G technologies.

The synchronization program developed by Microsoft for Windows Mobile and other Windows CE-based devices.
An operating system designed for handheld devices. Android is an open source project and is supported and developed by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Google and HTC are members of the OHA, Google was the first company to start work on the Android and HTC designed and manufactured the first Android phone.

Information gathered from  @ HTC-eclub 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It’s Easy to be Green – The winning ideas

ESPOO, FInland - A couple of months ago, we launched the Easy to be Green campaign with the Nokia Environmental team. We charged you with the task of proposing your greenest, most earth-loving ideas with your mobile for a chance to have your storyboard premiered right here on Conversations. Hundreds of you got your creative juices going, but there can only be 
, well this time, two winners and here they are in their own environmentally friendly videos. Join us after the jump for the world premier.
Congratulations to both K. Srikapardhi and Anna Gadomska. With the contest, we were looking for small, sustainable things you can do with your mobile that are easy to do and can have a positive impact on the planet. Two ideas jumped out: K. Srikapardhi’s idea to drive less and save fuel by using the navigation on your mobile, and Anna Gadomska’s idea to save energy by using your mobile’s video call feature instead of a separate webcam and desktop with a large LCD screen.
Along with having their ideas turned into a motion picture, the pair will also receive aNokia 5630 XpressMusic device (or similar depending on regional variations). It’s a device packed with an army of green credentials including a Power Save mode, an ‘ Unplug Charger’ reminder, and Nokia’s high efficiency charger. The device also includes eco content and services: eco bookmarks, content and personalisation, eco tips in tutorial, maps for route optimisation, and more available on Ovi Store.
But enough about the loot, grab the popcorn, settle down for the premier of the pair’s  winning ideas transformed into animated videos.

Note: The case example in the video was based on the ©NAVTEQ Navigation Benefits Study (2009).

Note: The case example in the video is calculated by testing Nokia E71 and a typical desktop computer used in Nokia. The test for E71 was done via direct video call service, while on the PCs, the test was done with a Skype Client. The energy use is measured only in terminals.
What do you guys think? Impressed by the pair’s environmental use of their grey matter? Have any mother-earth-saving ideas to share? Go ahead and let us know in the comments section below.

via @nokiaconversations

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Get Reward For their Award !

It came up doing new and still doing new things!
It also came with a caption "DO THE NEW" !
By this you can understand i guess, it's none other than the brand new "TATA DOCOMO".
TATA DOCOMO ,India's fastest growing also new doing network has announced the Gift (instead of the word "launching" i use gift because it will again be a commercial, even though they are rewarding us for being with them) for the customers of ANDHRA Pradesh circle both for Pre-paid and Post paid .

The GIFT is nothing but the customers gets a talk time of 20min local  tata-to-tata every month for a period of six months!
interesting isn't it?
Do you think what for all this?
Yes, here is the reason for that
Tata Docomo was recognized for its “fairness to customers” at the recent Telecom Asia Awards 2010 and is rewarding its customers for the same.
The reasons for what tatadocomo got an award are right on the picture it self, u can have a look at it !

And to get your reward all you need to do is to send an SMS like this

sms  REWARD  to  121(toll free) .
And thats it you will get your talk time credited within 48 hours of your request.
You will also get a confirmation message.

*Prepaid customers will get FREE TALKTIME – 20 minutes of Local Tata-Tata every month, for 6 months!!
*Postpaid customers will get FREE TALKTIME – Rs 100 Free Airteline every month, for 3 months!!
*Offer available to existing as well as new customers

EnJoY BeInG WiTh dOcOmO AnD AvAiL ThEiR NeW SeRvIcEs!

Picture courtesy by @ TT (Telecom Talk)

Friday, June 4, 2010

BSNL customers no need to worry about the APN/internet settings for their phone.

hey people who are using BSNL as their network,i have got a good news for you!

Almost all the people have EGPRS/GPRS/3G enabled handsets and they get confused with the people of customer care talking about the settings they receive.
To avoid this the people at BSNL changed their mind sets and now providing facility to get settings By a request through sms .
Yes, its made more easy now people come on, send an sms in the below format,save the settings you receive,select a suitable data plan for you and start browsing happily!

To Download GPRS settings send
MAKE MODEL  to 58355
Eg: Nokia E63 to 58355.

This is even more easy to get settings than to open the cellone portal,select u'r phone and get u'r settings!

If the settings u receive doesn't work for your phone, then u have to leave u'r laziness and open the
 cellone portal.  Then go to GPRS settings configure your phone and save the settings you receive.
Some phones have problem with the settings that are received by an sms request .
For example N97 .
so u better check out the portal .

Thanks BSNL!

Finally the king of Multi-tasking arrived in INDIA at a price tag of 30639/-

Hey people from INDIA,
here is a good news for you!
Finally the king of multi-tasking arrived / launched in India today at a whooping price of 30639/-.
Yes, you heard it right.
It runs on MAEMO 5 platform with a 3.5" display of  16 million colors!
More soon!

Keep reading the blog, review to follow soon on N900!

TIK-TALK about NOKIA 6760-Slide !

A few days back in my blog i posted that a review will be following soon.
And now its time for it!
Before going into the actual conversation i would like to put before you the actual data sheet provided by NOKIA.

I in my earlier post have mentioned about a format that ill be posting about review of mobiles.
Let me recall that.

9)IN THE BOX(supplied)

As soon as i switched on the phone it asked me to customize everything background,themes,Home screen and  even the mail and messaging! Thats pretty cool i notice. 

Now let me cover each case as i mentioned above.

As mentioned in the data sheet itself, this battery has got a lot of capacity to do with the device.
It lasted approximately a  week for me while testing without any recharging in standby mode while making  calls on it often and i don't want to test further because i need to test the battery life on using an  active EGPRS connection and lot more.This time it lasted a whole night (about 9 hrs and still running) on using EGPRS continuously without any break.
Finally this device has got an excellent battery life.

This device has got a 2.4" QVGA (320X240) screen and up to 16 million colors.
The screen brightness along with the image quality is excellent for viewing pictures that are pre-loaded in the device.
Though 2.4"  Display is small compared to other high-end touch devices available, this display is worthy for this device covering everything that one need to have up on their screen.The display size is apt of such a device.
But if this is a touch screen device, i think it will add much flavor to the UI (Symbian) and QWERTY keyboard feature of this device.
Anyways the  display has a excellent quality both in daylight and at nights!
Especially the themes on this device with lovely colors made such look i guess!
The ambient light sensor on the top of the device has done a great job in maintaining the brightness of the display in day light as well as in the darkness!
The screen automatically rotates to landscape mode and to portrait mode when auto turn feature is enabled .
It also turns to landscape mode when the keypad is slided out. 
But i feel that a lot of space is wasted on the front side of the device near the ear piece and near the shortcut keys too.

 Sadly this is not a touch enabled device.I feel bad for that.An excellent device missing touch screen feature.
I said so because while using the device it gave me a feel as if i am using a touch phone( i think though it's a symbian phone this has got some re-freshing UI feel) but later when i need to type something i realized that this is a QWERTY phone not touch!
Don't know y NOKIA has not kept a touch feature for this!

And coming to the QWERTY keypad,
I felt very bad in the beginning about the QWERTY keypad after using my keypad on N900!
But later i think, all this is because i am new to this model.
Yes it is true. i repented later about my first opinion on the keypad!
As soon as a day passed i started using this only for messaging as it became easier for me on this.
I became an addict to this keypad! really i swear!
I felt i should have a device like this!
Also the coloring of the numeric keys decreases the confusion in searching for the keys!
The keypad build quality is excellent as the buttons are so strong that even after repeated usage they don't get loose for typing!
There are 3 separate keys for messaging,browser and menu for handling applications which is useful in landscape mode.And the positioning of the two shift keys especially on either side of the device added comfort to the keypad.
But one thing annoyed me while using this keypad is while working on portrait mode, every time we need to turn the device to landscape mode to type something. even for calls we need to turn the device to enter a number.
(haha like people fighting for portrait mode in N900, now people have to think of better landscape mode for this Device)
This has got a good keypad and no negative opinion on this .
This keypad gives the best experience ever .

Ha one thing  i have to SHOUT out  here about this device is that, this got an amazing sound quantity and quality.
Though this device have only one  single speaker situated on the top side of the device along with the charging port and Audio jack it performed good.
And its arrangement is pretty good as it is not covered backside because when it is situated in such places it reduces the 
loudness of the speaker .This is not the case here.

Although this is not a music flagship device it performed good while playing music with loud sound.
The people around me amazed by it's audio quality and quantity.
ha i mentioned quantity because it gave out a loud sound than i expected . 
The ringtone playback while a call comes is excellent . one can hear it without any effort from a moderate distance.
And especially the 3D-ringtones provide good effect with these sort of speakers.
The speakers have done their justice to this device.
Also the volume keys are situated at the right place are pretty sensitive in functioning.

I feel bad to say this " Though  this device boasts a 3.2 Mp camera i think its not all worthy".
The image quality is ok .The soft  dedicated camera key provided function pretty soft and responsive.
There is no flash for the camera and also there are only a few options for the settings.
Also there seems to be a bug here,when  we aim at certain portion to take a snap , the camera moves the image a bit top to that what have we focused.Is there anyone with this phone plz check it out.
To get a correct picture of what we focus we need to focus a bit above to get the correct snap.
I have proofs to show to this too. i took some photos of My N900  from this device .

You can see the difference in the photos slight movement to left and right .i adjusted a bit to get the correct picture.

Also i am posting some other pictures of N900 , what i have taken with this device .

By this you can check out  the image quality of this device in normal mode with out any extra settings made.

This device worked pretty fast in handling applications .
The installation and uninstallation times are very fast.
It handles about 5 different applications with pretty fast and good response times.
The functioning of the device remained same ever after installing applications which is same to that compared when there are no applications installed.
The switching on and off times of this device is also good.
Once started it goes on and on....

One thing i have to SHOUT here too, as this device boasted of fast browsing .
It kept up it's word .
It has the fast browsing and download speeds.
The browser is also pretty good in rendering pages both in portairt mode and also in landscape mode.
Thanks to the accelerometer sensor for doing a great job here.
But the browser is usual S60 browser.
The virtual cursor can also be easily controlled with the available buttons.
The backdrop of this device is that this phone lacks WI-FI which is a must in the present days.
But if one have an unlimited Data plan it can compensate with the data speeds provided by this device.
Finally this device have excellent Data speeds.

I am totally satisfied with the call clarity of the device.
The audio quality both from ear piece as well from speaker is pretty loud and good.
Even in a noisy room one can talk comfortably.
But this phone lacks a smart dialing feature.
But in my experience this phone has a very good loud speaker ever.

The retail box contained
2)headphones with a remote/mic
4)short USB cable
5)also includes a 2Gb microSD card.

As this is a messaging phone.
i would like to speak a few words about the messaging features of this device.
As this has a good keypad which is essential for a messaging device.
It does and so it has the best messaging features.
The Email client is pretty good offering mails same as they appear on a PC.
Also it comes preinitialized with NOKIA MESSAGING,CHAT features.
The chat application  is an excellent client for keeping online in hotmail,gmail,yahoo respectively.
This serves as a good medium for people who are regular users to those services.
Also the integration of Microsoft services like Hotmail Or messenger gives us an excellent feel as if we are working on a PC.

This little device also have an inbuilt A-GPS which gets lock to the satellite in a minute or so.
The OVI maps gives out everything it has to, its maximum extent without any feature missing even on this device. Though this does not include a digital compass, the options in the Ovi maps compensate the missing.

This device fortunately supports FM Radio with RDS support.Unfortunately i cannot cover this section as i have not received the headset with the device.
Anyways i wish it will be same as usual like other radio enabled phones.
i could not also cover the headset clarity/loudness as i have not received it.
sorry folks!

And the rest include the ordinary S60 stuff seen on all Series 60 smart phones and nothing much can be discussed on those features.

1)Excellent messaging features
2)Loud speaker/voice clarity
3)strong built QWERTY keypad
4)Device performs Fast while handling multiple applications
5)Data speeds
6)Battery life
7)Display brightness
8)Orientation of display according to the handling
9)Handling/Grip in hands
10)compact design /Stylish makeover as promised.

2)No Wi-Fi
3)No Flash for camera
4)Touch screen
5)Build quality
6)I felt sometimes like the screen and QWERTY keypad detach from each other.
7)Annoyed always turning the phone to landscape mode when required to type something.
8)No 3.5mm jack.

Finally i conclude this is the best messaging device i saw with an excellent build keypad along with great messaging integration features.
Also the loud speaker has done a great job in providing user a rich call quality.
Also the deign is very stylish and compact which fits the device in one hand.
Although it lacks some features, this device stands as a stand alone device with good messagind/Data/Loud speaker features .
I promise its a good piece to have  leaving the Wi-Fi/Touch screen/3.5mm jack/Camera aside if u want a rich messaging device.

Although many pics of this device are available on the internet its my responsibility to post some pictures i have taken while trailing this device.

Once again thanks to the people at WOMWORLD/NOKIA for providing me an opportunity in having fun with such a best messaging device.