Sunday, June 20, 2010

Online Recharge - Freedom Of Recharge!

Hello, Hi ! Is u'r Balance full or Nil?
What's Your situation ?
Have a computer with internet facility at Home?

Gone are the days of recharging your mobile by buying a Recharge voucher.
Gone are the days of recharging your mobile by doing an E-Recharge/Easy-Recharge.
But these are the days where one can recharge sitting at home through a special portal using Debit/Credit/Internet Banking or any other facilities available!

But now i don't want to blah blah all those stuff in this post.
I just wanted to bring out the fact what actually going on with ONLINE RECHARGE facility.
I promise i'll explain in a very simple steps whats going on with these..

1)First of all i would like to mention that these portals are not updated ready to ready as soon as new schemes are made available to customers.
2)Also all the recharge amounts available through E-Recharge facility are not made available through online recharge portals.
3)The Talk Time for schemes vary with online recharge portal when compared to E-Recharge facility.
4)Special Top ups are also not made available through online recharge facility.

Coming to the examples,
Here are a few examples comparing different networks.
Let us consider XXXX network,
If u do a e-recharge of 125Rs through E-Recharge as mentioned in the offer message u'll get FULL TALK TIME of 125Rs.
But this recharge option is not at all available in any online recharge portals, even in XXXX one's.
Also some schemes valid only for a few days , these schemes are not even known to the people who are dealing with E-Recharge facility(Dealers/Retailers).
These recharges are available only through E-Recharge facility but not through vouchers or online recharge facility.
Some times suddenly an sms pops up in your mobile Recharge with 222 and get Full TT, offer valid only for today!
S, even if u intent to do an online recharge, this is not available,Even it is available u'll not get full TT offer ,but the situation ends up with the old recharge amount with out that special Full TT.
There ends the enthusiasm in you and avoids the online recharge facility.
Like wise some people go to the shop and ask for an E-Recharge of 222 which gives full TT, but that person may not be updated with the offer and ends saying there is no offer like so,and you come home feeling bad!

This is the situation i see in my friends shop where recharge is available.

This is not only the situation with one network/company but with the entire networks .
The offers are not constant and so are the recharge amounts.

As Far as i know the Recharge Vouchers of special schemes/Tariffs came to an end some 3 years back, while 1 company stopped 1p sms  scheme ,suddenly while the other company helplessly printed the Recharge Vouchers of same scheme and released into the market which are available for around 2 months even after the sms schemes changed a lot.
This started a struggle between the Networks  between Printing of vouchers and releasing them into markets.
And hence today we ended up with the E-Recharges!
The Retailers himself  gets bore Recharging getting confused with different schemes which are changing daily and are shouting at customers when they are asking twice for any scheme/Recharge.
I am  a very own witness for this.

Also now some networks are following different trends in Recharging.
One way that came recently is sms recharging.
If u have amount in your main balance and the recharge scheme that u receive is smaller than that u'r amount balance  has then u can easily recharge through an sms.
If you are of a don't care person then skip this section.
But this makes loss only to the customer when compared on the whole.
Let me xplain,
Suppose if u recharge with 50 u'll get a TT of 42. i say suppose/approximate.
i'm not considering real life recharge amount.
But there comes an sms to your mobile stating recharge with 50 and get 3 days unlimited internet. To subscribe enter *#123*343 and press call.U'll be automatically recharged.
This brings an entire customer ease in recharging but also some loss to the customer.
Thinking how it is ?
Okay here comes the explanation,
If u recharge with 50 u'll get 42 TT, including the service tax and all those.
But the same amount if u use for recharging through sms for getting 3 days unlimited internet u should need 50Rs TT in your main balance, For that 50 rs TT you should recharge with some 50+20 xtra for getting TT more than 50 u'r balance should have to use the service.
see the amount u'r spending here.
Suppose the same if u made an E-recharge of 50 there ends the matter, finish.
Finally i conclude here also the customer directly or indirectly is the looser.

So, people i request you to think before you made an SMS recharge.

Also the schemes are varying day to day suppose today the voucher 19 gives u TT, tomorrow it may become an SMS scheme.
So, Be wise before you recharge.
So, as usually i conclude here with ..

1)The online recharge portal should be in synchronization with the latest offers available/the latest schemes sent to the customers sent via sms.
2)Also it should not be something like the particular amounts, but should leave to the decision of the customer in choosing the amounts.
3)Even special top ups should be made available through online recharge portals.
4)There should not be any difference in the amounts credited when recharged through E-recharge or online portal.
Recharge with 111 get 222 TT-E-Recharge
Recharge with 111 get 222 TT -online recharge.

This should be considered first , i notice these are special schemes and also should be made available through all the facilities same.

5)Now a days even 5 Rs top ups are also available, i request operators to provide these too through online recharges.
6)Last but not least every operator should have their very own online recharge facility available through their site.

You might be thinking who are using online recharge ?
S, might not be knowing, people consider different different factors of ease and use and use the facilities available.
Once, the ONLINE RECHARGE facility is made as same an any other E-Recharge facility then people will show interest to use this facility and will become a hit.

Not only these i would also bring out certain uses for the people who do online recharge by sitting at their work place:
1)Time saving, going to retailer and bugging up with him
2)Fast and easy access
3)Saves paper for vouchers

The uses may be less, but its impact is more on the work people.

Not only providing facilities the NETWORK Dept, also should take care to avoid over/less recharging amounts than the inputted ones and  also taking into consideration customer number/ amount confirmation .
Also they should provide facility to revert the amount back in case of wrong recharges when  instantly noticed.

ACCORDING to my satisfactory results, I rate the online recharge portals of different networks in this way:






sorry folks i have not tried Reliance till now, as far as i know it is not providing facility for online recharge.
Uninor and all those new entrances have not yet settled properly in providing those facilities i guess!

NjOy tHe LaTeSt sErViCeS,
Happy online recharging--------->


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