Thursday, June 10, 2010

TataDoCoMo Turned 1Year Today! TDturns1

First of all my #dailyplan is very unique and Different!
But today i'm singing the B'Day song just in #seconds and i don't want to waste minutes uselessly!
Next is, i wanna call all My #Buddynet members and tell them not to talk when they can #dietalk and tweet/sms their wishes to our 1year Old TataDoCoMo!
If TATADOCOMO did  not like our wishes/songs i'll ask TD to activate #Hearwhatuwant, so that it can listen to B'Day songs what TD likes!
Also if My Buddies Balance becomes less showering their wishes to our baby,  i'll instruct them so that they can #recharge #online!
Lastly i wear my favorite logo of TataDoCoMo and shout out Happy B'Day!

If i can make the world just Do something i'll first tell every1 to shout TDturns1 today!
Till now no Network has done wonders as TataDocomo did! Do you know this truth ?

Let us have a glance at them!

Pay exactly on what you use!
Means, they counted only on seconds while other operators  tried to imitate them!
And now even the TRAI ordered other operators to DO so!
They came with a revolutionary tariff for the first time in the WORLD!
Even roaming is counted on sec basis!
(You'r mobile operator doesn't know how to count?)

Pay only for the characters!
haha ! Another revolutionary service exclusive from @tatadocomo !
just for message freaks!
Y to pay for characters in messages which we do not use?
Isn't it?
Pay only for characters you send !
For this they developed a special Application to run on mobile devices so that it becomes easy to #Dietalk!

S, This is another revolutionary Tariff war Tatadocomo raised against other operators!
It came with a caption !
Today isn't Yesterday !
Then y Yesterday's Plan today?
New Day!
New Plan!

These daily plans included
1)Talk more plans
2)Night calling plans
3)World calling plans
4)Sms plans

Customer depending upon their needs can  change their daily plan , any number of times to any daily plan!
All they have to Do is to just Dial *141#
The remaining work is guided by the menu received!

4)CREATE #Buddynet
Yes, Buddies Buddies all around every where!
Then y others?
Yes, the same concept used here!
People who are using Buddynet can use this service free for the first 3 months, later charges apply!
Buddynet benefits as followed!
4)Chat.......... Endlessly
5)1P/6sec Tata-Tata local
6)1P/2sec Tata-Tata STD
7)Share talk time
8)Gift sms to your buddies!
9)Enjoy free access to all social networks!

My Song-Hear The Song Of your choice when you call!
Yes, a reverse gear for caller tune service!
First time introduced by @tatadocomo
Why select your favorite song as your caller tune and never have the chance to hear it? Wouldn’t you rather listen to the caller tune of your choice every time you call your friends?  It’s time for you to DO the New every time you make a call. Dance to your own tunes with first in the Industry, ‘My Song’ service from Tata DOCOMO.

S, you can recharge online your Pre-Paid account using Your credit,Debit or Internet Banking Account!
Recharge is faster and easier than ever before. All you have to do is enter your number, select Recharge type and choose amount and your recharge would be done instantly.
The recharge options include
2)Special Recharge

I wonder This page will not be enough to Write about the new things done by @tatadocomo!

Till now no body in the Telecom History revealed Their B'day or even a launch day officialy as TD did!
Again a new Do!
Now i made it clear that for the first time in the INDIAN  TELECOM history TD is celebrating B'day!
This again made it clear that TD with that caption is APT!
Not only  in Telecom service  but also TD did wonders in conducting contests online through Twitter,FaceBook,Orkut!

These contests include
3)#DO #Create-included music,animation,wallpapers,merchandise,photography, etc.! 
4)#DO year
And whats  not every thing to a maximum extent !

This is the first Telecom Network in India  to Use the Social media to a Maximum extent.
It also Interacted with customers online through these Social services solving their problems related to their services, 
so that the respective official gets into the procedure quickly!

What ever the service it introduced everything holds a special caption, aim and procedure to involve!

Every time when i hear Docomo saying "DO THE NEW"
I say to my self "i already did the new joining the Docomo family,
what more new i should Do?"

Not only these, It also won an award recently in TELECOM ASIA AWARDS 2010! for "Its Fairness to customers"

Now its time to windup myself saying "ALL THE BEST " to my dear TD as TDturns1 ! 
We are waiting more eagerly as days pass by to hear some more new things "DO THE NEW" from @tatadocomo !

Hats off!
Good going!
Keep rocking!
Best wishes,

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