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TIK-TALK about NOKIA 6760-Slide !

A few days back in my blog i posted that a review will be following soon.
And now its time for it!
Before going into the actual conversation i would like to put before you the actual data sheet provided by NOKIA.

I in my earlier post have mentioned about a format that ill be posting about review of mobiles.
Let me recall that.

9)IN THE BOX(supplied)

As soon as i switched on the phone it asked me to customize everything background,themes,Home screen and  even the mail and messaging! Thats pretty cool i notice. 

Now let me cover each case as i mentioned above.

As mentioned in the data sheet itself, this battery has got a lot of capacity to do with the device.
It lasted approximately a  week for me while testing without any recharging in standby mode while making  calls on it often and i don't want to test further because i need to test the battery life on using an  active EGPRS connection and lot more.This time it lasted a whole night (about 9 hrs and still running) on using EGPRS continuously without any break.
Finally this device has got an excellent battery life.

This device has got a 2.4" QVGA (320X240) screen and up to 16 million colors.
The screen brightness along with the image quality is excellent for viewing pictures that are pre-loaded in the device.
Though 2.4"  Display is small compared to other high-end touch devices available, this display is worthy for this device covering everything that one need to have up on their screen.The display size is apt of such a device.
But if this is a touch screen device, i think it will add much flavor to the UI (Symbian) and QWERTY keyboard feature of this device.
Anyways the  display has a excellent quality both in daylight and at nights!
Especially the themes on this device with lovely colors made such look i guess!
The ambient light sensor on the top of the device has done a great job in maintaining the brightness of the display in day light as well as in the darkness!
The screen automatically rotates to landscape mode and to portrait mode when auto turn feature is enabled .
It also turns to landscape mode when the keypad is slided out. 
But i feel that a lot of space is wasted on the front side of the device near the ear piece and near the shortcut keys too.

 Sadly this is not a touch enabled device.I feel bad for that.An excellent device missing touch screen feature.
I said so because while using the device it gave me a feel as if i am using a touch phone( i think though it's a symbian phone this has got some re-freshing UI feel) but later when i need to type something i realized that this is a QWERTY phone not touch!
Don't know y NOKIA has not kept a touch feature for this!

And coming to the QWERTY keypad,
I felt very bad in the beginning about the QWERTY keypad after using my keypad on N900!
But later i think, all this is because i am new to this model.
Yes it is true. i repented later about my first opinion on the keypad!
As soon as a day passed i started using this only for messaging as it became easier for me on this.
I became an addict to this keypad! really i swear!
I felt i should have a device like this!
Also the coloring of the numeric keys decreases the confusion in searching for the keys!
The keypad build quality is excellent as the buttons are so strong that even after repeated usage they don't get loose for typing!
There are 3 separate keys for messaging,browser and menu for handling applications which is useful in landscape mode.And the positioning of the two shift keys especially on either side of the device added comfort to the keypad.
But one thing annoyed me while using this keypad is while working on portrait mode, every time we need to turn the device to landscape mode to type something. even for calls we need to turn the device to enter a number.
(haha like people fighting for portrait mode in N900, now people have to think of better landscape mode for this Device)
This has got a good keypad and no negative opinion on this .
This keypad gives the best experience ever .

Ha one thing  i have to SHOUT out  here about this device is that, this got an amazing sound quantity and quality.
Though this device have only one  single speaker situated on the top side of the device along with the charging port and Audio jack it performed good.
And its arrangement is pretty good as it is not covered backside because when it is situated in such places it reduces the 
loudness of the speaker .This is not the case here.

Although this is not a music flagship device it performed good while playing music with loud sound.
The people around me amazed by it's audio quality and quantity.
ha i mentioned quantity because it gave out a loud sound than i expected . 
The ringtone playback while a call comes is excellent . one can hear it without any effort from a moderate distance.
And especially the 3D-ringtones provide good effect with these sort of speakers.
The speakers have done their justice to this device.
Also the volume keys are situated at the right place are pretty sensitive in functioning.

I feel bad to say this " Though  this device boasts a 3.2 Mp camera i think its not all worthy".
The image quality is ok .The soft  dedicated camera key provided function pretty soft and responsive.
There is no flash for the camera and also there are only a few options for the settings.
Also there seems to be a bug here,when  we aim at certain portion to take a snap , the camera moves the image a bit top to that what have we focused.Is there anyone with this phone plz check it out.
To get a correct picture of what we focus we need to focus a bit above to get the correct snap.
I have proofs to show to this too. i took some photos of My N900  from this device .

You can see the difference in the photos slight movement to left and right .i adjusted a bit to get the correct picture.

Also i am posting some other pictures of N900 , what i have taken with this device .

By this you can check out  the image quality of this device in normal mode with out any extra settings made.

This device worked pretty fast in handling applications .
The installation and uninstallation times are very fast.
It handles about 5 different applications with pretty fast and good response times.
The functioning of the device remained same ever after installing applications which is same to that compared when there are no applications installed.
The switching on and off times of this device is also good.
Once started it goes on and on....

One thing i have to SHOUT here too, as this device boasted of fast browsing .
It kept up it's word .
It has the fast browsing and download speeds.
The browser is also pretty good in rendering pages both in portairt mode and also in landscape mode.
Thanks to the accelerometer sensor for doing a great job here.
But the browser is usual S60 browser.
The virtual cursor can also be easily controlled with the available buttons.
The backdrop of this device is that this phone lacks WI-FI which is a must in the present days.
But if one have an unlimited Data plan it can compensate with the data speeds provided by this device.
Finally this device have excellent Data speeds.

I am totally satisfied with the call clarity of the device.
The audio quality both from ear piece as well from speaker is pretty loud and good.
Even in a noisy room one can talk comfortably.
But this phone lacks a smart dialing feature.
But in my experience this phone has a very good loud speaker ever.

The retail box contained
2)headphones with a remote/mic
4)short USB cable
5)also includes a 2Gb microSD card.

As this is a messaging phone.
i would like to speak a few words about the messaging features of this device.
As this has a good keypad which is essential for a messaging device.
It does and so it has the best messaging features.
The Email client is pretty good offering mails same as they appear on a PC.
Also it comes preinitialized with NOKIA MESSAGING,CHAT features.
The chat application  is an excellent client for keeping online in hotmail,gmail,yahoo respectively.
This serves as a good medium for people who are regular users to those services.
Also the integration of Microsoft services like Hotmail Or messenger gives us an excellent feel as if we are working on a PC.

This little device also have an inbuilt A-GPS which gets lock to the satellite in a minute or so.
The OVI maps gives out everything it has to, its maximum extent without any feature missing even on this device. Though this does not include a digital compass, the options in the Ovi maps compensate the missing.

This device fortunately supports FM Radio with RDS support.Unfortunately i cannot cover this section as i have not received the headset with the device.
Anyways i wish it will be same as usual like other radio enabled phones.
i could not also cover the headset clarity/loudness as i have not received it.
sorry folks!

And the rest include the ordinary S60 stuff seen on all Series 60 smart phones and nothing much can be discussed on those features.

1)Excellent messaging features
2)Loud speaker/voice clarity
3)strong built QWERTY keypad
4)Device performs Fast while handling multiple applications
5)Data speeds
6)Battery life
7)Display brightness
8)Orientation of display according to the handling
9)Handling/Grip in hands
10)compact design /Stylish makeover as promised.

2)No Wi-Fi
3)No Flash for camera
4)Touch screen
5)Build quality
6)I felt sometimes like the screen and QWERTY keypad detach from each other.
7)Annoyed always turning the phone to landscape mode when required to type something.
8)No 3.5mm jack.

Finally i conclude this is the best messaging device i saw with an excellent build keypad along with great messaging integration features.
Also the loud speaker has done a great job in providing user a rich call quality.
Also the deign is very stylish and compact which fits the device in one hand.
Although it lacks some features, this device stands as a stand alone device with good messagind/Data/Loud speaker features .
I promise its a good piece to have  leaving the Wi-Fi/Touch screen/3.5mm jack/Camera aside if u want a rich messaging device.

Although many pics of this device are available on the internet its my responsibility to post some pictures i have taken while trailing this device.

Once again thanks to the people at WOMWORLD/NOKIA for providing me an opportunity in having fun with such a best messaging device.

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