Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Get Reward For their Award !

It came up doing new and still doing new things!
It also came with a caption "DO THE NEW" !
By this you can understand i guess, it's none other than the brand new "TATA DOCOMO".
TATA DOCOMO ,India's fastest growing also new doing network has announced the Gift (instead of the word "launching" i use gift because it will again be a commercial, even though they are rewarding us for being with them) for the customers of ANDHRA Pradesh circle both for Pre-paid and Post paid .

The GIFT is nothing but the customers gets a talk time of 20min local  tata-to-tata every month for a period of six months!
interesting isn't it?
Do you think what for all this?
Yes, here is the reason for that
Tata Docomo was recognized for its “fairness to customers” at the recent Telecom Asia Awards 2010 and is rewarding its customers for the same.
The reasons for what tatadocomo got an award are right on the picture it self, u can have a look at it !

And to get your reward all you need to do is to send an SMS like this

sms  REWARD  to  121(toll free) .
And thats it you will get your talk time credited within 48 hours of your request.
You will also get a confirmation message.

*Prepaid customers will get FREE TALKTIME – 20 minutes of Local Tata-Tata every month, for 6 months!!
*Postpaid customers will get FREE TALKTIME – Rs 100 Free Airteline every month, for 3 months!!
*Offer available to existing as well as new customers

EnJoY BeInG WiTh dOcOmO AnD AvAiL ThEiR NeW SeRvIcEs!

Picture courtesy by @ TT (Telecom Talk)

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