Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Bin for SIM too.... ?

The eager for Dual SIM Phones  increased !
Isn't it?
Like wise the need for numbers also increased?
The telecom operators and the TRAI together are on a mission to introduce new set of series due to lack of numbers in the present  series 8 and 9 and now its the turn of 7!

But really if we think, is the Number of users = number of SIM cards sold/Used ?
I think in my opinion its "NO"!

No,its not.In clear its now common among certain set of users to maintain two to three numbers ,it may be in dual phone form or ordinary form with two separate phones.
But there are another set of people who change numbers once a week / month depending on the offers available in the market .

Let me come up with a market example.
Suppose there is a SIM vendor/SIM offer  providing SIM for just 10/- with 30Rs/- talk time, some set of people just buy them (with the proofs available in their pockets)and  use the full available talk time and  now save them safely in their purse or some body a crazy type person  might cut it into pieces or throw some where!some ppl use it for crazy purposes and some even use it once for a month!
Isn't it?
To encourage those type of persons our operators give them LIFE TIME VALIDITY just for Rs10/- , of course an old  rule saying(which i know) that if a SIM (number)  is not being used for 3 months it is suspended or even should make a compulsory recharge of 100 within three months of time to avoid disconnection.
But don't know really how many operators are strictly following!
I see a life time validity till 2037 year! means the validity is exactly till that time?
Also the operators should implement some rules of regular usage and top-ups within a limited period to avoid disconnecting.I can find some of the operators are following that procedure.

Now comes the problem those type of useless SIM cards are becoming more and more in number, day by day.So the sequence in number series is reducing there by the introduction of new set of series is becoming essential.

So according to the blog name boasts MYTELECOMIDEAS :
My suggestion is that At every care/Relationship center of any operator, irrespective of  any network should place a COMMON BIN/BOX just like check boxes at ATM'S to throw/drop the useless SIM cards of such types or any useless SIM cards depending on the users wish rather than throwing them away anywhere which leads to miss use of SIM by any unknown!(incase if validity is available in the SIM).

Then the Network dept (TRAI dept) can send all such thrown sim cards to one place and note the SIM numbers and enter them into the shared data base of all networks so that the computer automatically distributes them according to the previous network the sim belonged to so that it can be again manufactured and used by the Networks for ACTIVATION!

Not only collecting these useless but also the Networks also should throw certain type of adds which educates ppl on what are they doing and whats the useful in throwing SIM cards in BIN! so they if they pass any such Relationship centres they might stop and throw in them.

I think its a fast procedure than any other type!

Hope atleast  now , if any telecom official came across this post might  initiate such a sort of procedure or much more improved version of this and let numbers be saved and save the series for future generations!

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