Friday, July 16, 2010

Good news - Windows and Mobile App Reviews will follow soon!

Hi ,
There is another good news to some of the readers who read this blog from India or any readers from other countries too.
If You are a freeware user or one who loves freeware and wants to know what all different freeware is available and how efficient are they in different categories? just follow this blog.
I'll soon be writing about the Freeware related to Windows OS and the best mobile applications i have used till now and about the ones which i am continuing to use as freeware.

These freeware related softwares can be seen in every category,beginning from Os to video editing/Graphics.
I once again confirm that i don't explore what all free software is available on internet and write about them,But i just write genuinely about what all freeware i used before and still using and the same in case of mobile applications too...

More about freeware and applications to follow soon...
Please hold on,it may take some time,but for sure i promise!

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