Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S' - All About

As the name "GALAXY" indicates, this has everything packed in it along with the power of Android and samsung's exclusive HummingBird processor!!

All the features are explained briefly in the sections below:

Daily Briefing
Your Own Personalized Morning News Feed.

Before my day begins, GALAXY S’s Daily Brief delivers exactly what matters to me, right to my phone’s home screen—today’s top headlines, stock info, weather forecast—Daily Briefing widget even displays my schedule and calendar, making sure I’m aware of what my day holds in store without having to boot my computer, wait through TV commercials, or scour through a messy newspaper.

Integrated Calendar
Keep Your Life Linked And Synced.

With GALAXY S and its Integrated Calendar, my schedules, agendas, calendars, to-do lists, regardless of their sources, are auto-synced, and organized into a single, color-coded, neat-and-tidy application.

Car Mode
Google Maps™ Navigation(BETA)
 Guides You To Every Destination.

In its in-car mount, GALAXY S turns into my own personal assistant—instantly providing me with weather, Google maps, Google voice search, and navigation services. Getting directions is as easy as simply speaking my request. With Google Maps Navigation, GALAXY S not only fetches the directions, but lets me choose 3 ways to view them—in real- time with Real Street View, Traffic View, or Satellite View.

Layar Reality Browser
Explore Your Surroundings with Samsung Around Me

Samsung ARound Me, reveals my surroundings no matter where I may be—coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. I simply snap a photo, and GALAXY S tells me what’s next, behind, and in front of me including addresses, phone numbers, everything I need to know. With a bigger database of POIs (point-of-interest), I have access to better, more extensive data so I’m fully aware of what’s around me.

Wireless Tethering
No Internet connection signal? No Problem.

Wireless tethering in my GALAXY S gives me the added bonus of using my phone as a portable modem for times when I’m outside of Wi-fi range, or signal strength is weak or low in my laptop, PDA or portable Internet devices.

HD Recording
Whenever and Wherever You Need It.

With HD Recording capability available whenever I need, I can catch memorable moments all-day long.  Then, I can either take those moments home with me and share them on the family HDTV set, or watch them instantly on a world-brightest 4.0” SUPER AMOLED display, if I don’t want to wait.

Social Hub
For Integrated Social Networking Life

The GALAXY S’ Integrated Contacts brings your email and SNS contacts into one phonebook, allowing you to check your friends’ status updates and newly added photos directly from your Contacts. And, thanks to Social Hub Inbox, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing messages. Plus, integrate your Google™ and Facebook calendars with Calendar.

The Best Viewing Experience

With the GALAXY S, I have the world’s only SUPER AMOLED screen — 4.0” inches of vibrant, vivid, ultra-bright display technology for HD recording and HD video playback.  With superior sunlight readability, my high-def contents are just as easily viewed outdoors, for seamless transition from inside to outside or visa versa.

SWYPE / Write & Go
The fastest way to send one message to multiple destinations.

Typing is a thing of the past with new hyper-speed Swype technology in my Galaxy S—just slide my finger along the keyboard and when I lift my finger, I can choose  to text my message, update my sns status, or save as a calendar entry or memo.

The Office Is Wherever You Are.

ThinkFree Office Mobile helps incorporate my office into my phone. Any MS Office document including Word, Excel and Powerpoint can be viewed, edited, and saved. I can even view PDF files in their native formats so migrating between office and phone is smoother than ever.

Internet Browser
Powered by Android™, Improved by Samsung.

An enhanced Android Internet browser comes pre- installed with everything I need to cruise the Web with the familiarity of my PC—Flash, RSS Reader, and OMA DRM (Digital Rights Management)—and without interruption.

AllShare™ via DLNA
The Easiest Way to Share and Watch.

AllShare™ via DLNA in my GALAXY S phone, makes all GALAXY S’ media content—pictures, music, movies, and more--viewable and playable wirelessly through my laptop, PC, TV, or other DLNA certified® device.
When it’s time to watch HD video, I can do so with the convenience of the Galaxy S built-in remote control--it’s got all the typical functions plus enhanced features for use with more advanced TV sets, with Media Control and touch-keyboard.

Android Market™
68,000+ Ways To Stay Entertained.

The Android Market brings the best of Android to my Galaxy phone, bringing me thousands of the most exciting and entertaining apps and games—searchable and downloadable right from my Galaxy S including Featured Apps, Top Free, and Top Paid Android apps.

Multi Tasking
Get Things Done Without Starting Over.

Whether I’m playing a game, sending a text, watching a video on YouTube, or involved in another application, I’ll never again be interrupted by a phone call as Galaxy brings me right back to what I was doing. Even while listening to the radio, Galaxy S let’s me jump from app to app without interrupting my music, allowing me to get back to what I was doing.

You can also have a glance at all the wonderful features and specifications below:

Y waiting people/Geeks, go and get one for you!
All ThE BeSt sAmSuNg mObIlE!


  1. oh great phone yaar.your post is good .I think this mobile has the potential to be the no1.

  2. hmmmmm.......definitely an awesum phne....bt wat abt d defects..u shuld cmmnt dem also.....

  3. It's everything the iPhone 4 should be, and unlike the iPhone 4 you can make phone calls on it