Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SEAccessories MW600 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headset First Looks!

First of all i thank SEAccessories for gifting me a (SExtra-SonyEricssonExtra) MW600 Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset!

SEAccessories are now Xtras But the  MW600 Hi-Fi headset is an Ultimate Bluetooth headset and a must for especially  music lovers who don't want to mess up with wires all round their body!
Me Being a music lover will deserve it too in the same way!
simply i can Define this as "Tiny creature Yet Powerful" !
Yes, the MW600 proved it to be the best Noise-isolation Bluetooth ear buds!
As the sony caption says " Make.Believe".
This MW600 really really made its meaning!
It was Made and made us Believe too...
Coming to the device construction and design:
This is of the size of a pencil battery!And everything the buttons, clip holder and everything  are located at  perfect places where one wants them to be!
The features of this device can be seen in the picture below:

And as well as the technical specifications too below:

Not only boasting with features but also this device boasted with looks and design too !
It's good looks,light weight and shinny body will make anyone feel proud if one owned this little creature which will be on ones shirt/coat while using!I promise this device will add a look to your garment too!

At first when i switched on keeping the other device's Bluetooth on it started pairing so easily and a Bluetooth symbol as well as the battery status showed off on the Tiny OLED display.

Then when i started playing i heard ordinary usual FM like quality sound and shocked what for Sony boasting with this device?
But, i don't know that its just connected and paired and i did not switch to MUSIC MODE!
But when i switched to that mode.......the story began
Then the punch of BASS , BEATS AND MELODY blowed my ears away!
Then i started to explore other features of the device!
At first i thought it's ear buds wire length is small from the device,But after wearing, i found out that the design of the wire is so technical that i can wear it freely with the two ear pieces comfortably siting in my ears and the device is situated near the collar for call feature techical you know....
It can be paired to 3 devices at a time and those paired devices are stored in its memory so that we can switch between them so easily.The switching mode screen is as below:

See you can find one radio option,mobile device 1 , mobile device 2 and a laptop which i connected for selection.We can easily switch between the devices using the touch sensitive volume control and select play/pause to confirm it!so easy as it appears.I just used it for one day and now i feel it like i am using this device since years...It's so user friendly.Its power button and call lift buttons are also placed at the best places where i expected them to be!

You can also connect this tiny to a laptop or any device which has Bluetooth and A2DP support!
You can stream high quality audio wireless and njoy!
Configuring this with a laptop is also as easy as configuring it with a mobile.
Here are some of the screen shots of the connected MW600 with my laptop.

Now the computer automatically streams your music to that device and all the volume controls now show that device.


This is the Beautiful Bag in which i received the Headset!
Looks awesome!

And if you have any doubt regarding the battery life of such wonderful device leave it a side, feel free,
Be relaxed and decide to buy one for you! Because i am using it from two days after i made a first recharge, But till now even one point on battery indicator is not less than full on it!
For more detailed features and specifications on this Headset just jump onto the highlighted links in the starting!

And now, This is mine!Where is yours?
wowowowow  yeyeyeye... Hurray..........
common grab yours a Sony store....

Thanks to SonyEricsson via SEAccessories!

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