Friday, July 9, 2010

TATA Photon+ presents KNIGHT and DAY HUNT

When was the last time you got into the shoes of a Secret Agent and went on a top secret mission? Now Tata Photon lets you do just that and what’s more those who are successful will win exciting prizes daily!

Webizens are in for an adventure ride as Tata Photon gears up to take them on an online hunt. Tying up with the upcoming Tom Cruise and Camaron Diaz film, Knight and Day, Tata Photon has introduced the ‘Knight and Day Hunt’ on their Facebook Page ( and Twitter account ( The Tata Photon+ Knight and Day Hunt is expected to attract several enthusiastic players from across the broad spectrum of social network users.

The Hunt is simple, yet only the internet and social network fanatics will survive! The challenge lies in decoding clues that will be released daily onto the Tata Photon Facebook page. Participants must crack the clue every day and mail the answer to the specified Email ID. Occasionally, a clue may be followed by a hint to further indicate the location of the password. Needless to say, exciting prizes await the winners for unlocking the right answers as well as fulfilling all the other criteria of the game. The prizes consist of free movie tickets to watch the Knight and Day movie, cool Swiss knives, Instant recharge batteries and exclusive T-shirts. An adventure trip for two to Gir National Park awaits the person who cracks the clues successfully on all days! This contest comes a few days before the launch of the film in India which is scheduled to release on the 9th of July.

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So are you ready for the Hunt?!

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