Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FX Studio competition Winners Announced NOKIA+FRAMESTORE

FX Studio is an exciting new project Framestore is currently developing with Nokia.
It's an app that lets you add Hollywood style effects to your personal/Home videos either online or through your Nokia Mobile.
FX studio explores some interesting new territory.So they wanted to give aspiring animators out there a chance to get involved.
The person behind the best Idea will work with Framestore to bring life to their effect and walk away with some great Auto-desk software and a Nokia Kit.

Meet The Judges:

Competition Dates:

Here are some the introduction Videos about FX Studio App.

How it works?

And Here are the winners:

Making the FX Studio Shortlist:

Here are some of the Visuals of the Winner's Ideas:

First Place: SriKapardhi Kala
Second Place: Itay Wolfson
Third Place: William Kenton

Congrats to all the winners from Team "MyTelecomIdeas"!

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