Monday, August 30, 2010

While Others Have fun! Even the Physically challenged can Do !

This is about an App Idea that i think would be a valuable app for the Indian User:

Yes,i wonder often when the smart phones have voice software to recognize everything and do the required work for the user without touching even a single button why not a net-book?
E.g.:vlingo a software on mobile integrates totally into the mobile and functions as if a new voice OS is installed and the work is done smoothly.
Then why not a software on netbook do that for us?
Let this be named as I-FRIEND!
Imagine a netbook which can be switched on using commands and switched off using the commands .
It totally depends on our voice.
"We can even communicate with the system to text for us" after giving a voice training to it.
Imagine a netbook packed with full of software which enables :
1)Us to lay on bed eating some stuff and if we just say browse internet and open Google it automatically does for us! or even say search for Intel on the web.
2)If we are just doing any household work and say switch on the system and mail to Intel, it automatically opens everything(Default mail application) and asks what's the subject and message! how cool it will be?
3)Not only these,But there will also be an I-friend inside it which helps us in sorting issues related to the communication with the system.
This friend comes first when ever the system is switched on , greet us and asks what have to be done.
Infact this is the one who does most of our work,reminds us of any remainders,
checks our voice daily, incase of change and ask us "Boss your voice is changed is there any problem".
It records our daily things and gets habituated to those.
Like if we have a habit of reading  mails daily at 8am , it automatically does it for us and alarms at the time by switching on to the mail interface.
For all this have to be done the software should be integrated into the Mail service like Thunderbird or any other.
Yes even the entire office suite applications should come in the same way after integration.
In-fact all the needy applications should be installed by default so that there will be no need for any user to install the required app.
so,Intel have to open an APPLICATION platform where we can download especially these voice based applications.
As the whole operations depend on our voice there is no need of threat to the data, as there is our i-friend who takes care of it.
Imagine a situation where our photos are in many sub-folders and you can't search for them, by just a command of us our i-friend gets them opened.
For this thing to be done the system gets everything organized in the background by observing our daily works.
just say play "I'm chill track" it does for us and also as per the profile and time it warns or suggests the volume too..
How cool it is.
Let me introduce s special feature "profiles" for netbooks too which have more advanced functions than of mobiles.
So all this to happen the system should be equipped with sensors like
1)Ambient light sensor: For adjusting the display brightness
2)Proximity sensor: to switch off display and let the system be working when folded
3)Magnetic compass:To let us inform us the directions
4)Accelerometer sensor:To observe the movements of the netbook and safeguard the HDD.
5)It should even include a GPS to track us.
and what not all the sensors which are useful in bringing life to our i-friend.
It also should have voice call and texting features included by inserting a Sim card slot.
Even gaming becomes more fun with these sensors.
This Netbook is not any high end multimedia device but the one which supports all the operations on voice.
This may add fun to may of users but

" THIS IS A GREAT GIFT TO THE PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED PEOPLE WHO have no hands/fingers but are intelligent enough to work with computers"

Let us consider the example of our scientist Stephen Hawkins, though he is intelligent enough, he cannot work with hands.
While being more in a fun manner this also serves the other purposes too.
A Multi-Netbook!
Look forward for INTEL to develop such a kind of innovative software and platforms in future!


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