Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gas Balls–Be Careful N900 users!

Well another Entertainment packed Little App from Nokia for Nokia Maemo On N900.
Name:GAS BALLS                                                                                           
A couple of days back another free App popped in the OVI store exclusively for Nokia N900 Maemo platform.There is Nothing to be careful as mentioned in the Title, but this cute app produces the same Effect as the name suggests.Surprisingly this App is just 85Kb in size.

                       Here are some of the screen shots of this App in working:
First Experience :This app is one of the light weight Apps I ever used with more functionality using the acceleration sensors and touch sensing capabilities.It’s available freely in the ovi store.

Working:After the installation completes an icon appears in the application menu,once the app is opened the entire home screen really turns into a dangerous black screen where the tiny balls starts responding to the movement of the device and also reacts to the touch .When kept constant(without moving the device) for a second these balls produce effect as of a releasing gas with different colors from them.This is really fantastic and also creates the effect of live wallpapers.
After enough playing with the device I am afraid that I have to set all my wallpapers back   (Home screen) which I consider as a lot of pain.But thanks to this little app which saved me.when you tap on the screen two options appear on the corner right top as shown in pic.The tool mark provides options while the cross mark decently closes the app and brings back the home screen with our native wallpapers.
Thanks for this cute app from Nokia/Ovi.
Make your desktop and photos alive with balls and colored gas! Animation reacts both to touches and device position in real time.
Did you download this app?If not head over to Ovi store and get your free copy for N900.

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