Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Nokia Entertains,Besides A Nokia even Helps Academics

nokia-logoNokia Entertains by it’s great multimedia features and services.You may wonder how it educates,useful for education or just think of some Apps like Dictionary or word pronunciation,Maps or what ever App it may be.If u think so You are wrong.A few days back an incident happened accidentally to me which resulted in writing this post finally.

Now the incident goes like this…”some of my friends were out of station for about a week and as soon as they attend the University  they should appear for the exams,whose material is given by our professor who strictly warned us that the answers should be the replica of the material given(Hand Written).My friends called me in the midnight  and asked what to do now?Where to get the notes before the day of exam? I replied I’ll think of an idea and get back to you soon.I have the notes as I attended the classes.The main problem is that all my friends ISP’s are down due to heavy rains. All my friends too are Nokia fans and each one has a device with Nokia Messaging and EDGE/3G connections!As this happened just like an Experiment I wanted to present this in the same way.Now my idea follows…”

AIM:TO Send the Material (Hand Written Notes) to my friends who have a Nokia Device and PC’s,Also to prove Nokia Entertains Besides Educates.


1)2 or more Nokia Devices (I have an N900 with me)(Depending on your friends no.)

2)3G/EDGE connection









1)Take your Nokia Device,Open the Camera interface,Take Photographs of the Notes with amazing quality(depending on Pixels).

2)They automatically gets stored on selected memory location.

3)Open the Nokia Messaging interface,create a new message,enter all your friends mail id’s.

4)Attach the photographs of the taken Notes.(Attaching files made easy on a Nokia device)

5)Add a subject line, then send the mail.

6)That’s it,the attached mail gets delivered to your friends Mail Box(Nokia Messaging) with in no time.


1)The other person also should use a Nokia device with 3G/EDGE connection,otherwise the process may fail.

Result:Hence Proved

My friends received the mail with attached pictures of the notes.Downloaded them,saved them to Memory cards,transferred them to PC’S and read from the notes for the exam.All passed in the exam and Thanks to Nokia, you gave us a solution.

The entire process just took less then 5 min with my N900.Thanks Nokia for such wonderful devices and services.Once again you proved us what you are!

This process included utilizing every important feature on a Nokia device.Think this made every one clear why Nokia Provides such services and features!

Lol, Hope you enjoyed reading!

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