Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Block Unwanted Calls,SMS Using Blackballer

blackballerAre you busy enough to divert the adverts or just fed up with the spam calls or sms?

Killer Mobile  Software has come up with a best call management utility .It’s none other than the Blackballer Blacklist app which is the first app to combine both call/sms filtering.

Blackballer is an advanced app that silently rejects the calls from restricted numbers .Blackballer comes with new Smart Reject Sensor system which allows you to modify your filter lists on the fly.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Total Recall–Your calls

imageYou might have heard of phone tapping scams sometime or the other in the news and we wonder if anyone of you has got an idea to record your phone call? We are not saying of tapping your own number, but here is a wonderful app which performs a similar function in a friendly way which we thought you might be interested in.

Ever wanted to record and hear what have you conversed in your previous phone call or just wanted to recall/save what your loved ones spoke with you last night when you are away home or just behave like a Detective.