Monday, October 24, 2011

Is it Nothing but Android for you? [Competition]

With the widespread popularity of smartphones in the Indian market, the main question on everyone’s mind while selecting their next handset is which OS (operating system) does it have? Step in the Android OS! The Android OS is popularly considered the best OS in the market today and Lava Mobiles wants you to get your hands on their most coveted Android phone even before its launched!

But as they say, you have to earn the best things in life and for this very reason Lava Mobiles has come up with a cool ‘Nothing But Android’ Contest to help you get your hands on the much desired Android handset! The contest will encourage each user to connect from his or her Facebook or Twitter profiles and submit wacky entries stating why it’s ‘Nothing but Android’ for them. 3 best entries will win an Android handset. The Lava ‘Nothing But Android’ contest will run from October 19th to the midnight of October 31st. The best part is there is absolutely no limit to the number of entries a participant can send! Here’s a tip – the more entries you send, the better your chances of winning and if you’re an Android-lover you’ll have a thousand reasons why it’s Nothing But Android for you!

To start playing the  Lava Mobiles ‘Nothing But Android’ Contest visit :-

So what are you waiting for? Start playing the Lava Mobiles ‘Nothing But Android’ Contest now!

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