Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dodol Phone – Android App Review

clip_image001We, certainly smart phone users love to have a control of our usage whatever it might be - Data, voice call or even sms. Though Android ICS comes with inbuilt data monitoring facility I found this free app interesting and useful with beautiful UI as well when compared to that default ones and thought of sharing with my Readers.

Coming to the app – Dodol Phone, this app monitors real time usage of Data, voice calls and SMS running in the background continuously. Though it runs in the background there is no performance lag shown from the device. During my two months of usage I found this app very useful for Monitoring Data and SMS as I don’t consider much about voice call monitoring.


Though Cellular providers give reminders of Data usage and also provide information of usage statistics on request via USSD or sms sometimes there may be pesky situations where we end up badly due to their tactics. So, to avoid such situations it is always better to have an eye on our usage statistics and these kind of apps comes handy.

Gist of the app:

1. Can monitor Data, voice and sms usage statistics in real-time.

(Though it says real time, it needs a minimum of 1 or 2 min to get the statistics)

2. User can set Usage limits or even program a personal plan for data, calls or even sms.

3. There is also an option to reset the statistics according to the time scheduled.

4. Customizable monthly plan, daily suggestion, mini graph in the notification area, various widgets and usage history make this one of its kind.

5. Although I don’t monitor voice usage I found that calls are rounded off to 1min for a 41 sec duration call and I guess it don’t matter much as no one checks voice usage in India.


Everybody have their own style of usage, selection and choice and this is mine. For those who are not comfortable with this app i also suggest 3G watch dog , Onavo Count and My Data Manager which are another awesome set of apps for data monitoring.This Review is written keeping in mind about users of Android who are still using older versions which don’t come with data monitoring system like ICS and above.Let me know your opinion on different apps mentioned here via comments and I love to read them.

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